Bill Vanishing Hank by Viking Mfg.

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Effect: This is a great utility item that can be used to vanish a borrowed bill or billet. Great to use with our Bill Tube, Double Bill Tube, Quarter-Go Box, Bill In Orange, etc. Anytime you need to vanish a rolled bill or billet.

Professionally made by our in-house seamstress. Bill or billet can be easily changed out to suit your needs yet is invisible at all times.

The performer borrows a dollar bill which is marked then rolled up in tube fashion (can be folded like a billet as well) and a rubber band placed around it. This bill is now placed under the hank and given to the spectator for safe keeping. A brass tube with lock is now introduced (or what ever you are going to use). The performer now whisks away the hank and the bill has vanished. The brass tube is unlocked and inside is the vanished MARKED bill!

This is just an example of a simple vanish/exchange possible with our Bill Vanishing Hank. You receive the special hank and detailed instructions. Please note: the design/imprint of the hank may vary.

NOTE: Our special designed hank will allow you to vanish a coin, folded bill or billet, and other small items, even a key. Clever new design.

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Approx. Price: $15.00 (2004) ***

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