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Pro-Table and Travelling Case by Viking Mfg.

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I love my Viking Pro-Table! I’ve been using mine for almost 20 years and it looks as good as new. Very solid construction, the perfect size for any of my various children and stage acts, and if you add the accessories you are ready for every situation.

Effect: There are various Pro-Table type cases on the market today, all feature interesting differences. We like to think that we stand out above the rest due to several factors. Our tables are constructed of 5/8″ birch; we use glue and nail constriction. Our units are covered with Velcro-friendly material so that the performer can easily add signs to the front and sides.

Each table is trimmed in 1/2″ aluminum to fortify the edges and to give the case an important finished look.

We were the first to incorporate drawers which help keep your items organized. Our Pro Table Case also has a lower compartment suitable in size for a hand chopper, stage sized Hippidy Hop Rabbits, etc.

We were also the first to change the interior color from black to grey which makes so much sense in that the performer can now see into every corner of the case, even in a darkened stage. No more looking into that proverbial ‘black hole’. Speaking of paint, we use an industrial grade enamel paint (as used on carnival rides) which will take a lot of use and is easily touched up.

Our Pro Table Case is also outfitted with top quality wheels, two of which lock to prevent the case from moving. This is important if you are performing on a raked stage or aboard ship.

Pro Table weight-empty: 34lbs.

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Approx. Price: $425.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Pro-Table and Travelling Case by Viking Mfg.

  1. Andy Martin

    The perfect table for your whole act!

    Since purchasing these tables I have finally been able to turn up at a show with just the table. Having the draws and cabinet at the back make a huge difference. When coupled with the accessories you dramatically increase the capabilities of this table. Made in the usual high quality manner that we expect from Viking.

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