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Pattrick’s Close-Up Mat for Jim Zee Table by Pattrick’s Mats

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Effect: The Original material is very durable, washable and recommended for lots of use. This material is made in looped material finish and is Velcro friendly. This means the top of each strand is actually a loop. This feature along with the thin layer of cellulose foam give our mats it’s signature soft/sturdy feel. It’s great with cards, cups, coins. With it’s washable finish, this is the mat to use in Restaurant and Bar work. It is available in all sizes shown and all custom size mats, and is great with embroidery. Just ask Doc Eason.

The Plush material is actually a piece of high quality upholstery velvet layered over a 1/8 inch thick foam cushion, and our 1/8 inch thick rubber. It is classy and rich looking. The PLUSH material is a pile type finish which each strand is a single unit. It has a deeper color and cannot catch on any edges. This is very good for coin, shell game, cups, and of course card work. This material is awesome looking at your more formal magic shows. This material is awesome for those of you who use the card stab. Just ask Bob Sheets.

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