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MC Hopping Table by Mikame Craft

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Effect: Perfect weight for quickly moving table to table, yet built sturdy with the Mikame Craft touch of class. The pull out drawer is already customized to hold two separate card decks & two coin loading squares. Also a built in tray for the INCLUDED Mikame wooden magic wand with brass highlights. There’s plenty of room for your other small props in this velvet lined drawer.

  • Measures 18 inches by 12 1/2 and 2 inches deep.
  • Rounded wood sides with ‘Easy-Grip’ sides routed into each side.
  • The top has a built in plush velvet pad for smooth coin & card routines.

This table doesn’t come with “Table Legs” by Mikame. “Table Legs” is sold separately.

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Approx. Price: $169.95 (2005) ***

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2 reviews for MC Hopping Table by Mikame Craft

  1. Keith Noaker

    Excellent Table

    I have this table and it one of the best walk around closeup tables ever! Another Mikame masterpiece.

  2. John Petroff

    Mikame Hopping Table

    If you do close up magic in a stationary spot, or moving around in a restaurant, you will need this table, and you will love this table.

    The wood work is exquisite and the cover works great for cards, coins etc.

    The drawer inside can be opened or completely removed. It comes with a beautiful wand and has spaces for cards, coins and other small items for your performance.

    This table will classify you as a pro even before your first miracle. I can’t imagine working without this table. Get it!!

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