Harbin Table (Aluminum) by WholeSalingMagic

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Robert Harbin invented The Harbin Table c. 1951 and it his described in his book The Magic of Robert Harbin (pg. 38). A variation of this table was also called the Billy McComb/Robert Harbin table.

This table was made in aluminum and like all the Harbin tables I have seen was sturdy. The earliest versions made in Aluminum were manufactured in Russia since after the cold war many Russian machinists were left without work and a few began to make magic effects out of aluminum. Since then many have been made in China and WholeSalingMagic in China  is most likely where this table came from .

Effect: It is definitely one of the coolest tables ever made for magicians. Also known as the Packaway Table and the Book Table, it’s a modernistic looking side or center table, which, through an ingenious hinged design, could be folded into a package the size of a large magazine, and could be opened instantly with one hand!

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