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G&M Nite Club Table by Mak Magic

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The G&M that you sometimes see on names of Grant/Mak products refers to U.F. Grant and R.N. Menge. R.N. Menge was a magic maker who joined Grant c. 1944, and added many of his own inventions to the Grant line. Unfortunately they parted ways c. 1945 and became rivals.

Effect: The G&M Nite Club Table is one that sells year in and year out, and we try to improve it with the latest ideas. Our latest change has been to give it a very distinctive ‘Top Hat, Cane & Gloves’ design! The table stands about 3 feet high, 22 inches wide and 11 inches deep It has three shelves and a top • equal to four tables! Folds up or tears down in five seconds. No pin hinges or bolts to bother with. Made of tough tempered masonite, smooth inside and out, and on four casters for easy rolling. This table is a beauty.

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Approx. Price: $249.00 (1998) ***

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2 reviews for G&M Nite Club Table by Mak Magic

  1. Keith Noaker

    Great Club Table

    Fantastic table it hold my whole show in it..it has 3 shelves and has a large top too..I was lucky to got this table from a person selling his magic and this table too..Mak Magic use to sell these table but don’t anymore ..so if you come across one ,grab it i got mine for $100.00 and they retail for $250.00..i was lucky this one was brand new..they are very hard to find.

  2. David Kilpatrick

    From the mid 1980s to early 2000s I used this in nearly 2,000 shows until my car got rear ended and this was in the trunk and got crushed beyond repair. Fortunately, I got another in mint condition.

    This sets up in 45 seconds if you are new at it, but 15 seconds once used to it. I carry my props in a large suitcase and put the table top with nested shelves in the inside top of the suitcase and carry it in one hand and the table, which folds (nearly) flat in the other. The three shelves are great (you can’t easily adjust the width). This table is lightweight but sturdy. I love it!

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