ZooLoo (Original) by Bob Kline

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Here is another Bob Kline beauty from almost 70 years ago (originally sold in the 1950’s with only 48 made).

Show a large wooden cage. It’s 13″ tall, 12″ wide, and 3″ deep. Beautifully made and decorated in red, gold, and green. Inside the cage, and in full view of the kids, is a large white card. Explain that you recently took a trip to the zoo, looked inside the cages, but there weren’t any animals! Well, let’s try some magic to get an animal inside this cage! Tip the cage over and remove the white card. Show it on both sides. It is totally blank. Slip it back in the cage. Now, bring out a deck of animal cards. There’s all kinds of animals — Lions, Tigers, Bears, Parrots, Elephants, etc. Ask one of the kids to pick one of the animal cards. Let’s say he picks the PARROT. Ask all the kids to think really hard of the Parrot, and say the magic words — ZOOLOO — ZOOLOO — ZOOLOO!

Well, when you take out the white card and turn it around, LO AND BEHOLD!! It has changed into a beautiful picture of a PARROT!! Here’s another effect: Show the cage with a white card in it. Turn the cage over and remove the card. When you turn it around, it shows a beautiful picture of a PARROT. Put the PARROT back in the cage, white side out. Have one of the kids pick a card from the animal deck. He picks the BEAR (you can have some fun pretending he picked the PARROT, etc.) Well, you say the magic words, and when you remove the card from the cage, IT HAS TURNED INTO A BEAR!!

Lots of other routines will come to mind once you start to work with this dynamite prop. Comes complete with the cage, a PARROT CARD, BEAR CARD (both very nicely silk-screened), blank white card, deck of animal cards, and several ZOOLOO routining ideas.

This was remade by Hank Lee whoe claimed to have purchased the rights from Bob Kline.  The remake wasn’t bad, but I’d stick with the original if you can find one these days.

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