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Visible Die Penetration by Repro 71

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I’m not sure who created the first Visible Die or Block Penetration and there have been many versions and methods over the years. My money would be on Floyd Thayer’s Greatest Solid Through Solid c. 1937, with close contenders: Carl G. Thiene’s Visible Block Penetration Penetor c. 1938, or maybe Selbit or Okito’s Matter through Matter.

This version from Repro 71 works very well, and is priced right too. The die has a felt like material which makes for a quiet and smooth motion as it penetrates through the plates.

Effect: Performer shows a Beautiful 3.5 inch (10cm) Perspex Die. Also a tube approx. 10 inches (25cm) high, with open front and back. Two solid blades are also shown.

Blades are placed through slots in the sides of the tube, and die is dropped into the top of the tube. At the performer’s command, the die slowly and VISIBLY sinks through the top blade, which is removed and found to be completely solid. Again on command the die sinks through the second blade. A Miracle.

This is top quality, precision apparatus of the highest order. There are no trapdoors in the blades- nor slides in the tube. The tube and blades are completely ungimmicked. The secret lies fiendishly inside the actual die itself!

You will be thrilled by the Visual Slow Motion penetration; you will fool yourself when you see the impossible happen.

Can be performed dose-up, surrounded, under ANY conditions. Engineered to the highest standards, this fabulous apparatus comes complete and ready to work with our usual ‘no quibble money back guarantee’.

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Approx. Price: $99.00 (2018) ***

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