Victorian Balloon To Dove Chest by Dave Powell

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Effect: The magician’s assistant enters carrying a thin looking walnut tray with a Lucite case resting on it. The magician inflates a large round balloon and attaches it to the center of a thin tray and replaces the case on it. At his command “BANG” the balloon suddenly bursts and a live dove appears, seemingly right out of the balloon!

The release mechanism on this tray works perfectly when it works and is invisible from all sides and the top. Tray measures 13 inches square by 2 inches tall with a super fast-action release and a manual override safety feature. Solid walnut lacquered molding design is very deceptive.

Unfortunately, there are two main issues with the remote unit, it stopped working for good for me after a few tries, and even when it worked there is an annoying requirement that after the balloon has burst you have to turn off the remote, otherwise it will wear out the batteries and go crazy. I think the manual release is perfect, but think the remote and electronic circuitry needs rethinking.

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Approx. Price: $495.00 (2012) ***

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