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Vanishing Cane by Fantasio

(c. 1966) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The original Vanishing Canes were invented in Europe c. 1899 but it wasn’t until Russ Walsh came up with his changes and improvements c. 1935 that we had the Vanishing Cane to Silk we are so used to today.

Fantasio took the Walsh steel cane to new levels with his plastic version c. 1966 and created a slew of effects with his new canes and won many awards c. 1968 including:

  • 1st Prize: Best Stage Effect. IBM 1968 Convention. Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • 1st Prize: Originality. IBM 1968 Convention. Chattanooga, Tennessee.
  • 1st Prize: Originality. SAM 1968 Convention. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • 1st Prize. Most Commercial Efeect. (MDA) Magic Deaeers Assoc. 1968 Award

Effect: The magician steps forward on the stage twirling a cane between the fingers. Then he taps on the floor to prove it is solid. Holding the cane with both hands, one on each end, it instantly changes into two 24 inch silks or four 18 inch silks. It may be done surrounded and very close to the audience.

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