Time Flies by Paul Howard Pro Magic

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Effect: The alarm clock is shown and placed in a top hat or paper bag and it is hoped that it will vanish from there and appear in the double sided box. This doesn’t happen so the performer takes out the clock and places it in the double sided box and says he will make it vanish from the box and return to the hat. He opens one of the compartments to show it empty. The doors are closed and the other side is shown to be empty. The audience are not convinced and finally all the doors are opened and the clock has returned to the hat.

The shell and the clock are shown nested together. They are both place placed in the hat but only the shell is removed and placed into the double box. The clock shell will only go in one way because of the ridges around the other opening. So the clock is placed with the face showing. Before making the vanish happen the box must be turned around so that the ridges are at the front. It is suggested that only the font door is slid from one side to the other to show one empty, the back one remains in place. Finally the front door is completely removed.

(Notice: Although the alarm does work with a 1 1/2 volt battery it is better not to have it active because the alarm could set off and give the game away.)

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