The Case of The Curious Cubes by Gimpy’s Magic

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The Curious Cubes was invented by Eric Lewis c. 1934 and originally produced by Magikraft. It has been recreated by a number of manufacturers, most notably Milson-Worth.

This version by Gimpy is as good if not better than the Milson-Worth version. It is a real beauty.

Effect: The magician introduces a handsome wooden case with doors on the front and the back. The doors are opened and 12 blocks are removed and placed on the table. The audience can now see through the case. Each block has 4 playing card pips and 2 blank spots on its sides. A card is freely chosen from a deck with no force and set aside. The blocks are placed randomly in the case and the case is rotated to show that the blocks are indeed random on both sides. The doors are closed and the card is revealed. The doors are opened to reveal that the blocks have magically rearranged themselves to depict the chosen card. The blocks are then dumped on the table and passed around for examination.

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