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Switch Card (Big Switch) by Ickle Pickle, Martin Lewis

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Big Switch was invented by Martin Lewis c. 1985 and described in the book Martin’s Miracles written by his father Eric. This version was created by Ickle Pickle without permission.  When Martin found out that his idea was being created without permission he created his own version and said this:

Recently a friend called my attention to a company called “Ickle Pickle” who is selling my effect “Big Switch” without my permission. Even worse, the product is very poorly made and it bears my name. For this reason I have decided to release my own version of “Big Switch”. It is made to my own high standards, and is identical to the one I use in my own performances. 

Effect: You take a deck of cards and tell the audience that you have made a prediction that is in your inside coat pocket. You proceed to let a spectator choose a card, and then show you have predicted it by removing from your pocket a Jumbo Eight of Spades (for example).

The spectator protests that this is incorrect, so you ask for the name of the card chosen. “The Queen of Hearts” (for example) you are told. “In that case,” you say, “I must perform what is called in the trade, a switch.” You turn the card around and fixed to the back is a wall switch, you solemnly flip the switch. When you turn the card round again, it has changed to the correct card, the Queen of Hearts.

This is a great MC bit, easy to do and and always gets a big response.

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