Slicing A Can Of Coke by Unknown

I’ve never seen one of these before and do not know the maker, but it is built like a tank and is a very clever illusion that allows you to slice pretty much any can of soda right in front of their eyes.

Performer displays a small box with hinged lid. There is a hole in the top and front. He also displays two solid blades and a regular can of soda. The lid of the cabinet is opened, and the can locked inside. The audience can see the can of soda in position through the window in the front. He then closes the front window with one of the blades but tilts the cabinet towards the spectators showing the top of the can still locked in position. The longer of two blades is then thrust through the cabinet from side to side. It seems impossible that the can of soda could escape its path. The blade is removed. The lid opened, and the can of soda removed and passed for examination.

If you like cool mechanisms that do the work for you, you’ll love this bad boy!

Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $295.00 (04/2018) ***

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