The Breakaway Box by Unknown, National Magic Company

(c. 1939,1985) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This type of sleeve production box called the N.M.C. Breakaway Box was first introduced by the National Magic Company c. 1939. Harry Stanley and Jack Hughes both probably built by Jack Hughes put out a similar box too c. 194. 6But I have few other details on this particular model.

Effect: Here is positively the last word in Production Boxes and a piece of apparatus that has received the highest endorsement from the Profession. Performer shows a finely decorated Box on all sides, top and bottom. Suspending the Box by top cover he allows bottom and hinged side to drop down showing nothing concealed or hidden on the inside.

He then places his arm completely through the box as added proof that there is nothing in it. Closing top and bottom the box is again shown on all sides, top and bottom. Instantly and without any suspicious moves top is opened and numerous large silks are taken out.

Fifteen 27″ silks or a large quantity of silk streamers and spring flowers can be produced.

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