Shift/Shape by Illusion Arts Magic

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Craig Beytien has streamlined one of his most popular effects (the Tesserract Transposition) into a single block and come up with another amazing and in the blink of the eye transformations.

Effect: From the makers of the Tesserract Transposition, comes a new effect that features very attractive cabinet with a solid 3-inch block engraved with very a mysterious Celtic design. A small alter is presented and the engraved block is place inside. The block has the ability to alter its shape and matching motion to the words, the cover is briefly place on top. Following a brief incantation, the cover is removed to reveal that block has shape shifted to a round orb.

This effect is flexible and can be used as a final reveal of any object that can fit inside. This devised lends itself to any number of story lines and routines. It is made from hardwoods and beautifully finished in the Illusion Arts Magic style. The highlight is the engraved Celtic designs in the block, and the brass feet on the alter. A great trick for the table-top wizard or a conversation piece on your desk.

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