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Rope Blackboard by Mikame Craft, Richard Himber

(c. 1956,2002) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a copy of Richard Himber’s Write-A-Rope c. 1956 this Mikame version was created without credit.

Effect: You are about to perform your favorite rope trick, but, what’s this ? You forgot to bring the rope! Not to worry. You can make some rope the magic way! Bring out your blackboard, show it blank on both sides, then, with a piece of chalk, write the word Rope right across the board, Take hold of the chalk writing and magically pull it from thejB board. The word Rope has changed into the real thing! A genuine piece of rope! The audience can still see where the word was written on th board, as there is an outline left behind! A mighty visual effect! Beautifully made in the Mikame tradition. The board measures 12″ x 18.” Great for kids, adults, family shows. The perfect way to start any rope routine.

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2002) ***

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1 review for Rope Blackboard by Mikame Craft, Richard Himber

  1. Andy Martin

    Unusual and Interesting!

    This effect from Mikame Craft is very interesting and different. The method works well and the props are top notch.

    Makes a good opener to a series of rope effects! This is an effect that is best kept for the stage however.

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