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Rainbow Dice by Ton Onosaka

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This effect is very visual, very clever, and easy to perform. The thinness and quality construction makes it stand out from its card board counterparts made famous by those long gone, but sadly missed, team of Edwin + Ian at Supreme Magic. The construction will last a life time of performances and because there are so many changes this will surely fool those know it all types in the audience.

Effect: The performer displays a large perspective drawing of a die, white with black spots. He passes this behind his back and when it emerges, the color has changed to yellow. Of course, the audience is not impressed because it seems obvious that he simply turned the panel over. After some byplay, the magician turns the panel around-it is yellow on both sides. But wait!

When he turns the panel over again, the other side is now red. He turns it over once more and the other side is green. He offers to take things one step further- He’ll make the die become any color that the audience names. Various colors are called out. What a surprise ending. When the die is turned over, it is now striped with a virtual rainbow of colors!

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