Nest of Boxes by Bob Kline

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I purchased this beautiful set of boxes from Joe Stevens c. 2009 This is what Joe said about them:

It’s a lovely set .. and very, very rare … I’d
be surprised if there were another set like it that he made. I got
it from Bob years ago when he lived in Tulsa … and would come up to
Wichita a couple of times per year.

There is no mention of them in Bill King’s Book about Bob Kline, which of course would not be a surprise if there was only one set. The ones in the book were also built for Joe Stevens, and they were also a set of four boxes, each with keys and using the Joe Berg method so it certainly seems reasonable that a special set were made by Bob for Joe.

Effect:  This is a set of four nested boxes, with each one a different color and design. A watch or marked coin is borrowed from a spectator. It is vanished. The largest box is unlocked and opened. The next box is removed and unlocked. When the last box is removed, it is taken to the spectator. She is given the key and asked to unlock it. She opens it and finds the vanished watch or coin.

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Approx. Price: $550.00 (2009) ***

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