Multiplying Billiard Balls by Vernet

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Effect: Manufactured of chromium-plated ABS plastic, these 1 3/4″ Vernet Multiplication Balls feature a highly visible, shiny and non-slip surface. Three-ball plus shell set.

Here are the Vernet Multiplying billiard balls that go with the ball climax. This is a matched set of textured balls that are surfaced with reflective material that will pick up and reflect the light in the room where they are being used.

Got red lights? They look like red balls. Green lights? Green balls. Natural light and they appear to be silver! The balls can take extremely rough use, can be dropped, and as no rhinestones are used, none can break off. The deep texturing makes the balls easy to handle without slipping, too.

You read the detailed instructions, and become an expert Billiard Ball manipulator at once. We also provide full instructions for the care of this fine set.

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