Magic Tray by Magic Hands

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Effect: This is a magic effect that incorporates everything in one: appearance, disappearance, and metamorphosis. In one hand you hold a large die 2.75″ x 2.75″ and in the other a magic tray. You can throw the die into the air, there is nothing suspicious about it.

But if you throw the die onto the tray, it disappears immediately without a trace. And, if you wish, in its place appear either for example 8 eggs, or a bouquet of flowers or a silk fountain. If you wish, you may clean off the tray and show it both from the top and from the bottom. You may even hold it vertically: the die is gone and stays gone. You can even hold the tray right under the nose of a spectator, so to speak, and they will not notice anything that will help them solve the riddle!

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