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Light and Heavy Chest Antique Style by Gimpy’s Magic

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This is easily my favorite of all the Light and Heavy Chests that Gimpy creates. Not only does it look amazing close-up, there is nothing to see as far as the spectator is concerned. In fact they can even close the lid, after looking inside the box, and still they are unable to lift the box. This is a real beauty to behold!

Effect: LOOK INSIDE–NOTHING TO HIDE!! This chest can be thoroughly inspected on the interior–The performer needn’t even touch the chest to change it from light to heavy–It’s as close to true magic as you can get! It is a real fooler.

Performed with great success on Germany’s “The Next Uri Geller”

Same size and performance of the original Craftsman Style, but with a new look! This one would be great for performances that demand an “old” look to the box. Would be great as a Pirate’s Chest, a spooky heirloom, etc.

The really great thing about this light heavy chest is that the spectator can look inside. It can go from light to heavy and back without the performer touching the box!

This model is no longer available with a top handle. Handling time varies with product availability.

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Approx. Price: $650.00 (2016) ***

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1 review for Light and Heavy Chest Antique Style by Gimpy’s Magic

  1. Terry Wolven

    This was a great effect until it stopped working! Bad points are it is very heavy for a “light heavy” box but was cool to be able to have the spectator open and close. Sadly, after being on display and only used about 3 dozen times, it stopped working. When I contacted Gimpy, he said there was nothing he could do to fix it even when I sent it to him. Very disappointed in his lack of care for people spending pretty hefty amounts on his products.

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