Legacy Malini Egg Bag by Lynetta Welch

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I have not performed the Egg Bag for over twenty years. However, recently I was reminded of all my earlier performances by reading the absolutely amazing Classic Secrets of Magic by Bruce Elliot. Once reminded I then read about the work of Lynetta Welch at Fabric Manipulation so decided to order the Silk Legacy Egg Bag.

And what a beauty it is – very small, very supple, and perfect for all the standard Egg Bag moves and more. I am very excited about getting this true classic back into my act. Thanks Lynetta for doing such a nice job and suggesting the Silk version – it truly is beautiful.

Effect: Apart from the quality of seams, material and manufacture there were three other things that caught my eye with this bag:

  • It has a double edge of sewing on the gimmick side,
  • The silk material makes it very easy to turn it inside out,
  • The sheen and lightness of the sheen tend to make it fold in a natural way thereby further adding to the illusion that the bag is empty.

The silk of course is not like silk handkerchiefs, a much stronger and thicker quality is used so this will last a long time. Finally, this bag is small but that is how an Egg Bag should be. I have seen some huge bags that could hide a dozen eggs … hardly amazing to loose one little egg.

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