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Kristal Card Stab by Bob Swadling

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Effect: A FREELY-SELECTED CARD is SIGNED and lost in the deck. The deck is wrapped in paper and string. A dagger is thrust through the deck, and the CARDS BURST INTO FLAMES, leaving the SIGNED CARD IMPALED on the dagger.

This effect was from Kay Kristal’s professional repertoire.  This is what Kay has to say in the introduction:

As a professional magicienne, it becomes increasingly difficult to find original mind-blowing magic, that is commercial. This effect is just that. It is so different that it has gained me appearances on every Television Channel and secured me performances like the Sultan of Brunei, Michael Jackson, and the Rolling Stones. Without a doubt, a Reputation Builder.

My kind of magic has always been geared towards the entertainment side of things, and l am a great believer in magic that just happens. Because of this, I have never been a great lover of the ‘run-of-the-mill’ card tricks. Therefore you can imagine my excitement when I thought of the idea of having a freely-selected card signed, lost in the deck and wrapped in paper and string; thrusting a dagger through the deck, as the deck bursts into names, leaving the signed card impaled on the dagger. Robert Swadling made this a reality, and like all his magic it was up-lifting, refreshing, and, of course, top quality. For years, I have been performing this effect exclusively, but now it gives me great pleasure in allowing Robert Swadling to release it, so that you may share in its rewards too.

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1 review for Kristal Card Stab by Bob Swadling

  1. Andy Martin

    Great Quality and Unique Magic

    This is my first item from Robert Swadling and I must say how impressed I am with the quality and uniqueness. This is a wonderful prop and I’m sure it will be a great hit when I perform it.

    The dagger is very nicely made and the basic effect is as follows: a card is chosen and returned to the deck. The deck is wrapped in paper and tied with string. The dagger is shown and thrust into the deck. The deck with dagger is held over a box or top hat. At your command the deck bursts into flames and vanishes leaving only the chosen card on the sword.

    A very surprising and shocking revelation!

    Everything about the item is top quality and I look forward to hunting down more items from Bob.

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