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Instant Transposition by Mel Babcock

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Effect: A block is shown and placed in a small box. The lid is closed and the box set aside. Next, a tennis ball is bounced on the floor and then placed into an open topped box. The ball can be seen rolling back and forth in the box. Instantly and visibly the ball changes into the block. The block may be removed from the box and shown on all six sides. You can even toss it in the air… provided that you are sure you can catch it. The small box is opened and the ball dumped out.

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Approx. Price: $190.00 (2001) ***

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2 reviews for Instant Transposition by Mel Babcock

  1. Andy Martin

    We love You Mel!

    The first time I saw this on a video I thought “How about them apples!”

    We’re not talking changes in a box, we’re talking the visual transposition of a tennis ball for a wooden block.

    Get this one from the Wonderful Mel “the best bloody wood guy around today” Babcock!

  2. George Guerra

    This is a real WINNER from Mel!

    This is a very visual and dramatic piece of magic from that wonderful wood craftsman in Washington state. The method is clever and the workmanship impeccable. Mel’s keen choice of exotic woods makes this and, I assume, his other “bigger” items stand out uniquely. Mel used in my copy of this item a light beautifully “flamed” Canary Wood…gorgeous! What great eye appeal. I would have bought it just to look at the wood. Most highly recommended.

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