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Houdini Handcuffs (Electronic Release) by Vincenzo Di Fatta

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I’ve always loved the Electronic Release (which is the name that it was called when I grew up in England and which is the name of the same routine created by Eddie Joseph c. 1930) for an instant impossible escape. The hardest problem is finding a nice looking chrome set and these from the Italian manufacturer Vincenzo Di Fatta fit the bill perfectly!

Effect: A spectacular escape from a solid steel shackle. The steel shackle and locks are examined before,  during and after.  The shackle itself has two chains attached to it and each of these is bound tightly and securely around the performer’s wrist behind the is back then padlocked by the spectators. Yet under this restraint he is immediately able to release his hand and shake hands with one o f the spectators.

Then just as quickly he turns round and the two hands are hound and padlocked as before.  He can link his arms round a solid object and eventually escape completely if desired. But remember there is no concealment, no delay — the escape it made in seconds.  There are wonderful opportunities for comedy presentations.

The apparatus is solidly made and will withstand rigid Inspection, and there is nothing to go wrong. The spectators can supply their own padlocks if desired.

Great where any form of release from shackles is required and as Dick Stoner shows in the video, they can be used for great comedic effect too.

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Approx. Price: $21.00 (2001) ***

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1 review for Houdini Handcuffs (Electronic Release) by Vincenzo Di Fatta

  1. Andy Martin

    Classic Escape

    This is the solid chrome version of this effect and I’ve always liked. I think it was called electronic release in the UK. So named for the speed for which you can release and shackle yourself. It’s Great!

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