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Great Chain Illusion by Jeff Hobson, Michael Holly

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Effect: Jeff Hobson and Michael Holly present The great chain illusion with special thanks to Chris Reesman of Encore Magic! Jeff explains, “The inspiration for the trick came when [Michael] Holly told me about the cut and restored chain trick he performed. That’s when the bell hit me. ‘AH HA,’ I thought! and the rest is history!”

Debuting at the MAGIC Live! Convention, this had everyone in stitches! Here’s the biggest little illusion you can perform! A straightforward chain penetration effect that shocks audiences. It’s easy-to-do, can be performed anytime during your act, AND surrounded if so desired! The true essence of “packs small and plays big” as two people from the audience assist the magician in examining a large linked, steel chain approximately 20 feet long. The spectators can pull and tug to their hearts’ content. The magician steps in front of the chain and pulls the chain – simply and directly – through his own body. The chain is immediately pulled upon by the assistants. The Magi then commands them to drop the chain to the floor. It lands with a huge BANG giving the assuredness of the chains solid nature.

Performed with a serious or comedy presentation, The great chain illusion will be a strong part of your show! Comes complete with 20 foot-long length durable, solid steel chain, special self-contained gimmicks, special carrying case, and instructional and performance CD ROM.

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Approx. Price: $250.00 (2008) ***

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