Giant Size Clever Ace by Supreme Magic Company, Leslie Drake, Ken de Courcy, Ravelle and Andre, Peter Pit

(c. 1966,1977) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is Supreme’s version of Chase the Ace.  Clever Ace is based on Leslie Drake’s The Streamlined Three Card Trick c. 1946.

Effect: Always a great trick but now with our new model it’s really superb. PETER PIT of Holland says : “The best yet 1” Two black cards and one red….a red Ace. but the audience can never find it.

Yes. it’s back again … the original and STILL the best! Leslie Drake’s trick from so many years ago, which we make bigger and BETTER than anyone in the world. – Not to oe confused with the cheap copy which is being sold elsewhere, (at a high price!)

Remember that in this set, a RED ACE and TWO BLACK SPOT cards are used This Is important because it adds enormously to the subtlety of the effect … there can be no mistaking the identity of the ‘Elusive Ace’.

The cards are 14’A x 9% inches, beautifully silkscreened and correctly proportioned. The back design, correctly proportioned, is silk-screened a brilliant blue. They are produced on the correct card stock, and round cornered.

“‘SUPER QUALITY PROPS FOR A WONDERFUL TRICK !*** The cards consist of the Ace ol Diamonds plus the Two and Three of Clubs. Despite the size of the cards, the audience are never able Io keep track of the Ace I It’s a great routine which gets laughs and creates mystery In addition to Leslie Drake’s original routine, we give you KEN de COURCY’S own presentation which comes complete with PATTER … it’s funny, it’s fantastic I Additional ideas are by RAVELLE & ANDREE.

PETER pit of Holland – now of California – writes. “I love the idea of a different coloured Ace, – psychologically it makes the trick much stronger.” Remember, you get the cards and all the routines for you to include this wonderful effect in your show right away.

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Includes: Printed Instructions.

Approx. Price: $50.00 (2022) ***

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