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Fantastic Frame by G&L MagicWorks

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The Fantastic Frame was invented by the prolific English inventor and creator Eric C. Lewis c. 1937. It is described in great detail starting on page 42 in Eric’s wonderful book A Continuation of Miracles.

Milson-Worth’s version is one of the finest examples made of this clever effect. This was sold to me as a Milson-Worth item (by someone I don’t trust) but recent information has  surfaced that indicates this frame was actually built by G&L MagicWorks (Jim Goren & Hank Lee).  As can be seen from the two ads both frames look very similar.  My best guess is that this is in fact a G&L MagicWorks item because of the color scheme. It looks very similar to the Milson-Worth one, but not quite the same.

Effect: The door of this cabinet is opened to reveal several silks previously tied to the gold crossbar. Silks are removed from the bar, vanished by the magician’s favorite method (the harmonizing Milson/Worth Silk Cabby is recommended), and the door closed. On reopening the door the silks are found to have returned to their former positions on the bar . The Fantastic Frame stands 16-inches (40.6-cm) high, and is richly finished in two tone blue and black lacquer with gold trim. A beautiful and distinctive magic effect!

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1 review for Fantastic Frame by G&L MagicWorks

  1. William

    Great Effect but one problem

    The effect is wonderful and I have used this for many years. You have to watch out for a slight noise problem but if you are talking no problem. The big problem is keeping the two little wooden rods on the outside of the case from falling off or moving around. I built a box that keeps everything safe and sound and now it is not a problem.

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