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Family Ties by Richard Gerlitz

Another great stage item from Richard Gerlitz.

Approx. Price: $1695.00 (10/2010) ***

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3 reviews for Family Ties by Richard Gerlitz

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    George Guerra

    One Amazing Mechanical Marvel!

    This is one incredible version of the old cut and restore ribbon trick, but behind the simple looking props are some intricate and ingenious mechanics to satifies the lovers of such apparatus. I know I am among this group. I still marvel about my favorite piece, CW’s Silver Odyssey.

    I had to carefully analyze his explanation on the effect to fully grasp the mechanics…what an engineering feat! Kudos to Richard as this is likely his most complex piece released to date. The setup is not complicated, but there is a 15 minute video that Richard put together to explain it in detail, but after a few attempts, it should just take a few minutes to set up the apparatus for each performance.

    It is nice to see Richard back on track with his releases as this beauty followed closely his last release, Doesn’t Matter. Family Ties will definitely sell out very fast, if it isn’t already sold out. This is the kind of magic that turned me from a casual hobbyist to a serious collector.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Sea-Ling’s Family Ties

    This is a puzzling/visual ribbon restoration effect utilizing very intricate/sophisticated engineering. I am sure that Gerlitz spent many engineer design hours to ensure that all would work perfectly (which it does). Although the set-up initially appears complex, it is actually quite easy to set-up following the very clear directions. This is an effect that spectators will have a very hard time trying to figure out the working. It is a nice compact size, terrific artwork, works flawlessly, and is easy to perform. I especially like the visual vanish of the ribbon ends in the center block. If you want magic that mystifies an audience and also like expertly engineered magic then Gerlitz magic is for you!!!

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dave Gooding

    Sea-Ling’s Family Ties

    I’ve always admired Richard’s work but I’ve never purchased any of his pieces as I am not a collector per se.

    But, when I saw Sea-Ling’s Family Ties and the mechanical complexity involved I decided to take the plunge and I was not disappointed! The engineering is brilliant and the workmanship is second to none, not to mention that it is a fantastic effect.

    What impresses me most about Richard’s work is his ability to hold tight tolerances, not only for the critical mechanical components, but also for the aesthetic parts of the prop. Everything is straight, even, and centered, a feat that seams to be difficult for even the best builders such as Owen to achieve.

    God has gifted Richard with a unique combination of mechanical and artistic ability, and Sea-Ling’s Family Ties is evidence of this giftedness.

    Very highly recommended!!

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