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Executive Production Briefcase by Adelaide Magic Factory, James C. Doty

(c. 1980,1999) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

This is a great item! The original idea was invented by James C. Doty c. 1980, but sadly the method was stolen from him by “friends” and others. James Doty (1927-2016) was an accomplished American creator, prop builder, and performer from Atlanta. He was most famous for building the Tom-Foolery Magic Bar for Tom Mullica (see here). 

The Adelaide Magic Factory has long been out of business, but the case sold by Daytona Magic is similar and probably your closet bet available today. I’m sure none of these have or had the permission of J.C. Doty of course.

Effect: The magician walks onstage carrying an ordinary briefcase that he puts down on the table. When he opens it up he removes a real bowling ball or basket ball or other large item that cannot possibly fit in the briefcase. After the production the case can be shown all around.

This is an improved version of the effect where you can show both the inside and outside of the briefcase at the end of the effect.

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Approx. Price: $99.00 (1999) ***

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