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Egyptian Die Box (Shenanigan’s Die Box) by Mel Babcock

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Another great stage item from Magic House of Babcock, better known as Shenanigan’s Die Box or Bud West’s Die Box and it was originally invented by Bud West and sold by Abbott’s c. 1971.

One thing I want to make clear is that this is not the regular Bud West Die Box that Mel Babcock has made. Even those he made in limited quantities, but this one, the giant size was really limited in production. This is really the perfect size. The block is 4″ cubed. lt is big enough to be seen in the largest venue, but small enough to handle easily in small venues like a classroom or comedy club. And, needless to say, the woodwork is perfect.

Effect: This may be performed surrounded. An entirely new principle is used. The Die Box has always been a sure-fire trick and now it’s better than ever with the new SHENANIGAN DIE BOX. No skill is required-it’s easy! Magician may borrow or use his own hat! (The hat is unprepared and is never secretly loaded as in older methods.)

A handsome painted wooden box, with brass hinges and knobs, is shown all around. The lid is opened and. also the two front doors. A white die with black pips is seen inside. (The pips are concave, not painted dots.) There is no divider in the box and more than one side of the die is seen. The die is removed and may be examined. It is placed into the hat. Magician pretends to remove the die invisibly from the hat and toss it towards the box. A distinct ‘thud’ is heard. Magician opens the doors of the box to reveal the die!

Now for the sucker by-play. Magician pretends to cause the die to vanish. He opens only one of the front doors to show the box empty on that side. Closing this door he gives the box a sudden movement and something is heard to slide inside. Opening the other front door discloses that side to be empty also, but wait . . . spectators can see the die inside the box, Magician quickly closes this door and makes a tossing motion towards the hat. All three doors are then opened and the box is shown to be unmistakably empty. The die is removed from the hat and again may be examined.


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