Disc-Combobulation (Color Changing Discs) by Tricks Co.

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This is my second favorite Color Changing Records set and unlike all others I have seen does not require an extra sleeve to make the change happen. Just by wiping the record with the silk you can make the change happen right in front of their eyes. This comes with an neat stand, which I’m pretty sure was not with the original Tricks Co. version, but is perfect for the effect all the same and particularly suited to this version because there is no extra sleeve to store the records.

I notice that there is another version of this effect released by Tricks Co. that uses the more usual sleeve method. My favorite version of this effect is still the Bob Kline one.

Effect: The basic trick is to show three white discs—each some 8″ in diameter—and then after inserting a red silk handkerchief through the center hole of one disc, a yellow silk through the second, and a green through the third, to spin each disc and have it change instantly, and without cover-up, to the color of the silk threaded through it. And the magic principle used to achieve the effect is an easy-to-operate winner.

But—that isn’t all! Using a bit of ingenuity, and another well-known but invisible magical principle, Byron Lappas has converted an intriguing trick to a stage-size miracle! Almost without effort, and no “spinning,” you place one finger through the center hole in turn of each disc which rests fully visible on the palm of your hand, and moving that hand a short distance, each disc then miraculously changes color.

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