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Die Surprise by Harries

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Effect: Die Surprise is an incredibly well-made prop! And, the effect is very strong! Show the audience a large (8″x8-l/2″), transparent box. The box is unprepared and has no panels, mirrors or other gimmicks. Next show a large black die with white spots. Place the die into the transparent box. It completely fills the box. Take a nicely decorated scarf and cover the die and box. In a blink, you whisk away the scarf. The die is gone!! In its place are a couple of doves, a rabbit or just about anything you would like to produce.

You can perform Die Surprise surrounded, at any time during your act. No loading or complicated moves. Everything can be prepared before the show. And, it is easy to perform. Almost selfworking. If you work with livestock, Die Surprise is a must. But, you can produce just about anything you want: fruits, flowers, silks, you name it! A fantastic visual effect.

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1 review for Die Surprise by Harries

  1. Andy Martin

    Great Stage Magic!

    Harrie’s of Sweden make some very nice mid-range magic. This piece is no exception, made very well and really quite a fooler!

    You show a large die from all sides, place it in a clearly empty perspex box, that sits on a small stand – which can also be shown. Then you cover the whole thing with a "silk". In a second you remove the silk and now filling the perpex box is pretty much any load you fancy – a rabbit, doves, candy, etc.

    Very easy to do, very well made, and perfect if you are trying to produce a large load.

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