Devil’s Picture Frame by H. Marshall and Co.

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This is a clever switching device which is a poor man’s version of the amazing Devil’s Mail Box from Owens, and is in fact more closely related to the Jimmy Hearsum effect released by U.F. Grant called Switch-O-Frame. Whether Marshall knew of the Hearsum effect or not, clearly the name comes from the Owens item. It looks about as convincing as the Owen’s one but the mechanism is not as sophisticated or durable. In addition it is designed specifically for Jumbo cards not envelopes, so has more specific use.

Effect: A selected card is returned to the deck. The performer displays a jumbo card, blank on both sides, which is freely examined by the audience. The jumbo card is then placed in THE DEVIL’S PICTURE FRAME, an attractive giant card frame. The frame is never covered and the jumbo card can be seen through a window at all times. The selected card is then shown again, revealing that it’s face has vanished. The jumbo card is withdrawn from the frame, revealing that the face of the selected card is now imprinted on the jumbo card. THE DEVIL’S PICTURE FRAME can also be used to switch envelopes. Comes complete, including two decks with special cards.

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