Copenetro (Later Original) by Bob Kline

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If you are going to use Copenetro you’re better off with an early original if you can. When you put them side to side you can tell the difference quite easily. The later ones are better than many copies, but in the early Kline ones the base is clearly, and deceptively, smaller in size especially the larger perimeter at the bottom. The top “flare” section of the base is beautifully turned with a nicer design than the later models. The “lip” at the top of the base where the inverted glass rest is larger causing a deeper recess to keep the glass more securely in place.

In my teenager years I performed Jack Hughes’ Visible Coins to Glass, which doesn’t look as pretty but for my money worked flawlessly for many years. I found it easier to set and release than every version of Copenetro that I have tried. I also found the coin vanishing stand more deceptive in Jack Hughes’ version.

Effect: Four coins are placed in a stand. An inverted tumbler is set over a small glass on a pedestal which is held in your hand. You drape a handkerchief over the glasses. A coin is removed from the stand, thrown, and is heard to fall into the glass, apparently having penetrated the handkerchief and the tumbler. This is repeated. The audience appears skeptical, so you remove the handkerchief and show the two coins in the glass. Another coin is removed from the stand, and this time with no covering over the glasses, is actually seen to have passed through the tumbler and fall into the small glass. The visible penetration is repeated with the fourth coin. If desired, the complete effect may be performed without covering the glasses.

There is no need for any manipulation since the clever apparatus does ALL the work.

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