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Spider Web Card Illusion (Card Spider) by Owen Magic Supreme

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This stage effect was invented by British magician James Orrin c. 1932. Not to be confused with the Zennia’s Card Spider gimmick for producing cards without using a back-palm c. 1905.

Effect: A card selected and returned to the pack. Meanwhile the spider web is shown and performer gives the web a spin. Suddenly a small white spot appears in the web. This spot gets larger and larger until finally it is the size of a playing card, and this is found to be the chosen card. The spider is then taken off the web with the chosen card held in the feet of the spider.

(The video is of a P&L Version of this effect, but they look very similar)

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2 reviews for Spider Web Card Illusion (Card Spider) by Owen Magic Supreme

  1. Bill Lucas

    Card Spider Tip

    I had the same problem setting that thread up so here’s what I did:

    Attach the end of about 15″ of thread to the back near the spindle. Take a piece of wire about 6″ long and bend the end of the wire into a tiny ‘J’ hook that fits through the hole. Put your hook through the hole, snatch the thread, and pull it through to the front. Lightly scotch tape the tread to the back CENTER edge of the card to be forced and place it in the pocket. When the tread wraps around the spindle and the card goes into the spider’s legs the tape will release the card. With this wire hook gadget you can set the effect up in about 2 minutes. I’ve been using the same thread for 8 years.

    Hope this works for you, it’s a great effect and David Ginn has a wonderful kids routine in one of his books.

  2. Andy Martin

    Novel and Cute!

    When I first received this from my main rare and used magic man Ron Allesi, I was a bit dissappointed. However, knowing Ron pretty well I knew he wouldn’t sell me a dud so I cleaned it up, tightened the bolts and was pleasantly surprised!

    It really does look effective when the card slowly, but surely appears on the web until it is held by the spider. The only real downside to this effect is that it does take a few minutes to prepare the card. But nothing too crazy. It did take me a bit of time working out the best length too – that should have been in the instructions.

    This baby is a bit different and looks great in performance and in the magic den. Thanks Ron!

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