Burnt Out by Rubber Chicken Depot

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Effect: Perfect for “Just Say No” shows or anytime you want to get a “No Smoking” message across. Then again, it’s hysterical in a smoke filled room, at a comedy club, or the VFW. The performer explains how millions have tried the patch to stop their ugly addiction to smoking. With these special Nicoburn RC patches, the 1″ thick box guarantees that the patient will be down to just one cigarette within the day. The performer reaches into the 4″ by 5″ box and removes the patch placing it on his arm. Feeling the effects immediately, he retorts that now he can’t even smoke the one … as he removes a 2½ foot cigarette from the little box!

Instructions include several other presentation ideas. This is GREAT VISUAL COMEDY that can fit into any act. If you like the idea of the appearing pole, straw or pencil but never could decide on a presentation, then this should be perfect for you. The cigarette looks great and the coating won’t chip or peel.

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Approx. Price: $19.20 (2000) ***

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