Blooming Bouquet by Mr. XC’s Studio, Jimmy Kwong

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Horace Marshall and Rudy Schlosser invented or at least created the definitive version of the Blooming Bouquet c. 1920s.

What a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Mr. XC’s Studio run by Jimmy Chan-Chow Kwong and his lovely wife Rose. Jimmy and Rose were both from Hong Kong, and Jimmy was known professionally as Mr. X. He was a talented and dedicated performer and creator and these were easily the best “feather flowers” I have ever seen. They are so soft and look beautiful and amazingly lifelike even close-up, nothing like the “feather dusters” I was used to seeing in the UK when growing up!

Effect: A beautiful bouquet of flowers is shown. One by one the blooms are picked off. The stems are shaken and the entire bouquet blooms again.

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