Backstage Milk Glass Vanish by Proline Magic

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Effect: The performer introduces a small tray with drape. Sitting on the tray is a small tube. Milk from a pitcher (supplied separately) is poured into the tube but does not leak.The tube is lifted to reveal a large glass of milk. It is real liquid and not a painted insert. A spectator is invited to assit you. The glass is covered and suspiciously moved around the tray. You lift the tube to show the glass is gone! The assistant is asked to wave a clear wand (supplied) inside the tube to further prove the glass has vanished.

While showing the tube empty, the drape falls revealing the glass hanging below. All is reversed and the effect repeated. This time with success!! Truly one of the most effective “sucker” effects ever conceived.

One of the most unique features of this version is the tube. In the past, the tube was gimmicked and could not be handled by anyone except the performer. It occurred to me that the tapered glass could be used to “form” the phantom tube interior..but how? The glass interior has a clear plastic layer backed with white (milk). If I copied that formula with the tube, the insides would match. The second part of the engineering process was to locate a glass that would work dimensionally and taper to a point. Once that was located and with modification, the tube and glass work together to create the perfect illusion. Having the spectator handle the tube and look inside at close range is essential to the effect. The audience has to believe the glass is under the tray in the second half of the effect. Mission accomplished!

Every aspect of this effect has been painstakingly thought out. The tube features a brushed aluminum finish but will never tarnish. The glass tapers to a point, at the top, so it does not look double walled at close range (notice my glass compared to the now retired Milson Worth glass). The drape is a beautiful black crushed velvet. It is intentionally subtle to draw attention to the glass and tube, without fancy colors and trim. The tray top is covered in a low pile, durable carpet so avoid scratching. The components should look new forever, with proper care.

Everything you need to accomplish this great effect is included except the optional Milk Pitcher as many performers already own one (we can supply a beautiful version for $50). You will receive:the tube,glass,tray,drape,fake milk oil (OOM),squeeze bottle for easy glass filling, and complete instructions.

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