Auto Milko by Supreme Magic Company, Arthur R. Hambling

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This is a Fantastic Penetration Effect! Here’s a trick that’s quite unbelievable – really in the miracle class!

Effect: Three plastic tumblers; one of them contains milk. One empty tumbler freely shown is covered with an empty paper tube. On top of it is placed a sol id plastic sheet and on top of th is the second empty glass. Into this empty glass is poured milk. A paper tube is placed over the top and further milk is poured into it. The Paper tube can be lifted to show the milk is actually in the top glass, yet you are all ready to perform a miracle. Whenever you wish, you carefully lift up the top paper tube to show that the lop tumbler is now completely empty. “What’s that?” There’s something inside the tube?” Don’t, you believe it ! The tube is immediately squashed flat, torn into pieces and tossed out to the audience! The top tumbler is removed, the plastic sheet is shown and there is the milk in the bottom tumbler!

It can immediately be poured from glass to glass. In this method there are no feke linings to steal out. No chemicals, The trick is really automatic in working. You simply have to pour in the liquid and it works itself … Truly an automatic miracle!

We supply the special tumblers, an opaque perspex sheet, gaily colored for maximum visibility; also a clear plastic sheet for those who prefer to work with clear plastic properties, and paper tubes. – No replacements to buy. you merely slit the top and bottom off an envelope. Any liquid can be used and Auto Milko can be worked at any time in the show. There is no “get-ready” and there are no cleaning problems with the effect.

We know that you will be really delighted with this outstanding magical masterpiece. Jeffery Atkins, the well-known illusionist, saw the first one and said, “This is a definite hit and I intend to feature this in my show. It’s the ideal ‘front-cloth’ item.”

Can be used under any conditions, even when surrounded.

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Approx. Price: $75.00 (1980) ***

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