Astro-Ball Cabinet by Unknown

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Based upon Milson-Worth’s Astro-Ball Cabinet, which of course is none other than Phase 1 of Stewart James’ groundbreaking effect which you can read more about here.

A painted wooden cabinet is shown sitting on a table. Its front and back doors are slid open, revealing a glass and a ball. The glass and ball can be removed, shown, and replaced. The doors are now closed and latched leaving the glass and ball separately in place inside the cabinet.

The cabinet is lifted by the handle and handed to a spectator to hold, or lifted and placed on a another table. You or the spectator opens the cabinet, and the ball has traveled to inside the glass. At this stage, the glass and ball are removed and freely shown and everything can be completely examined. There is absolutely nothing to find.

(Notice: this appears to be based on the early Worth Magic version, before Milson-Worth, but I am not sure who made it. See the photo of the Ginger St. Pierre demonstrating the Worth version c. 1965. I am not suggesting it is made by Worth Magic, just that it looks like the same design. At one point I thought this might be made by Chalet Magic, but I don’t think they did build it after some more research.)

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