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Silver Streak Appearing Cane by Sam Dalal

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Effect: Tony Spina obtained spring steel before it was “blued” and had his machinist make up an appearing cane … well the results were UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! When the cane appears it looks like a solid silver metal rod. From a distance of two feet you do not see any of the tell tale spirals.

This will definitely set a new standard for appearing canes. This new cane also incorporates our new design releasing mechanism, which has met with tremendous success. We can’t begin to tell you how great this is. Order yours now and enjoy this new sensation.

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Approx. Price: $36.00 (2000) ***

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1 review for Silver Streak Appearing Cane by Sam Dalal

  1. Andy Martin

    Don’t Leave home without it!

    One of the few Sam Dalal props that is actually pretty good. I use this in preference to the German made cane I’ve had for years. It is longer and a bit more startling because its silver. I don’t think any of the appearing canes really look like canes, so why not produce one that looks more magical. This silver one fits the bill nicely!

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