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Albenice Card Rise Revisted by Michael Baker, Albenice

(c. 1939,2015) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The Albenice Card Rise or Nite Club Card Rise as it was known when released was invented by New York Pro Magician: John “Al” Albenice c. 1939. It is an interesting, novel, non-electronic and self-contained Card Rise. This version from the talented craftsman Michael Baker built exclusively for Stevens Magic.

Effect: Three cards are selected and shuffled into the deck. The deck is placed into a houlette with two ribbons attached. The magician takes one of the ribbons, while a spectator holds the other. The two then gently swing the houlette back and forth, like a swing. Slowly a card is seen to rise. It is removed and proves to be one of the selections. Continual swinging will cause the other two cards to rise in a similar manner.

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