Aces and Silk Flutes by Arlen Studio

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I struggled with this effect at first because it talks about using the old top of pocket dodge to effect the switch of the cards and silk. Keith suggested a card box, but I couldn’t find one that worked well until I remembered the beautiful case that came with CW’s Psychic Sword. It was perfect. Then of course Keith introduce the Card and Silk Chest which was even better suited.

This is a more elegant version of the original Aces and Silk Chambers.

Effect: Two clear tubes are shown which contain two colored silks-one red and one green. Each tube has a wood bottom as well as a wood ball top that fits down snugly into the tube and prevents the magician from easily getting to the silks.

A spectator is asked to choose one of the tubes-let’s say they choose the tube with the green silk. The green silk is removed and used to cover the tube containing the red silk. The performer then pulls both of his pants pockets inside out to show them empty then pushes them in again. The four aces are then shown and placed in the performers trousers pocket. After a magical gesture over the silk covered tube, the green silk is removed from over the tube containing the red silk only to find that the red silk has changed into the four aces placed in the performer’s pocket just moments earlier! The performer reaches into their pocket and removes the red silk! His pockets are once again turned inside out to show them empty. The performer fixes his attire and takes a much deserved bow.

Comes with chambers, red and green silks, special gimmicks and ball tops.

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