Super Silk Transport by Warren Stephens

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This is similar in effect to an earlier item created by Stewart Judah called Transpo-Silko  and released by Rice’s Silk King Studios c. 1940.  The big differences are:

  • the tubes are more substantial,
  • they are 100% self-contained with nothing added or taken away,
  • there no replacement bands required for each performance. 

Warren Stephens’ version is certainly a big improvement both in simplicity of method and quality of props to be the one that you would want to use.

Effect: There have been numerous silk transposition effects in magic but we sincerely believe that SUPER SILK TRANSPORT is the most outstanding and perfect of all transpositions. It is streamlined, self-contained and easy to do, which means the performer can fully concentrate on his presentation.

It’s a beautiful mystery. Two gleaming chrome finished tubes, 9″ long and 1 1/4″ in diameter, are shown. One tube has a green band around its center and the other a red band. A red silk is threaded thru the red tube and a green silk threaded thru the green tube. Each tube is shown and silk drawn back and forth then removed, tubes are shown to be empty.

The magician tucks the red silk inside the red tube, then the green silk into the green tube. Tubes are held in each hand or set apart on a table. A change is commanded and picking up the red tube the green silk is blown out and from the green tube the red silk is blown out. Tubes are again shown empty.

  • No switching of silks.
  • Only two silks are used and only two tubes.
  • Nothing is added or palmed away.
  • Clean from start to finish.
  • Tubes are made of strong plastic with chrome finish.
  • Handkerchiefs are included.
  • Can be done surrounded by audience and close up too.

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