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Davey’s Festival Rings (2013) by Collectors’ Workshop

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Effect: True elegant Magic. From a velvet bag the performer removes five gold miniature napkin rings, each encircling a different colored silk hank. One by one, the hanks are removed and placed back in the bag. The rings are stacked one onto the other to form a golden tube.

The spectator is asked to select one of the colored hanks. This done, the chosen silk is vanished. Openly and slowly the performer turns to the stacked rings and inserting a slim tapered wood wand through the tube, causes the chosen silk to emerge at the other end.

This is truly a beautiful scenario. You receive the polished brass rings, silks and special bag along with detailed instructions. You’ll perform this often as it will be a highlight in your act.

Supplied with brass rings, asst. 9″ silk hanks and cloth bag plus detailed inst.

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Approx. Price: $125.00 (2013) ***

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1 review for Davey’s Festival Rings (2013) by Collectors’ Workshop

  1. Andy Martin

    What a Pretty and Clever Effect!

    This is one of the early Collector’s Workshop items that is often overlooked. You can still get it today and you should! When you see the price you will be even more excited to get one as it is great value too!

    Briefly the effect is this: You show five brass napkin rings each with a different colored silk passing through. You take each brass ring and remove the silk and place it in a supplied blue bag. As you remove each silk you can clearly show the brass ring is empty and you assemble each ring together to form a tube. The tube remains in full view all the time. Then, you have a silk selected from the bag and this silk vanishes leaving just the other 4 silks. You now turn to the tube and push a wand or pen or similar and the chosen, vanished silk pops out from the end of the tube.

    This is easy to do though the handling takes a little practice and nothing is added or taken away. You will be delighted with the way the gimiick works so well.

    I really like this hidden gem and I think you will too.

    Highly recommended

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