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Absconding Queen by Milson-Worth, Harold Beaumont

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As far as I can ascertain the Absconding Queen was invented by the British Magical Inventor Harold Beaumont and first released by Davenport’s c. 1935.

Effect: Absconding Queen by Milson-Worth combines the two most popular items in magic – cards and silks – in an easy to perform, double-climax, knock-out effect. A wood and metal frame is displayed front and back along with an 18-inch solid black silk and a jumbo-sized Queen of Hearts card. Attention is called to one-inch holes in the centers of both frame and card.

The card is placed in the frame and the black silk slowly pulled through the holes. As the silk is withdrawn it appears to be undergoing a transformation until, free of the frame, it is clearly seen to be imprinted with the image of the Queen of Hearts! The card is immediately removed and shown to be blank, the image having jumped from card to silk! Precision made in the Milson-Worth tradition.

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1 review for Absconding Queen by Milson-Worth, Harold Beaumont

  1. George Guerra

    One of the best effects in the Milson-Worth line!!

    The apparatus is beautifully done the Milson-Worth way. Lyn Johnson did an excellent job with his version of this classic. The construction and paint work are fabulous. Gold and shiny black laquer adorn this piece that basically allows a black silk to “absorb” the image of the Queen of Heart on the jumbo-sized card onto the silk after the second pass through the hole in the card. You end with a clearly blank jumbo card and a image of the card on the silk. Great magic and great apparatus to perform it. I would say that this my favorite of the MW line. Very Highly Recommended!!

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