Conradi Rope Trick by Wonder Workshop Berlin

(c. 1935,2001) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The quality of the Ted Lesley’s rope for the classic effect was perfect.  I first saw a listing for this c. 1935, but I’m guessing it was even earlier than this.

Effect: The Conradi Rope Trick is, by all accounts, the greatest cut and restored effect ever to be devised. It’s magic as it would appear if the magician actually had supernatural powers. Imagine this effect: a length of rope is shown and is held at each end by a spectator. With a pair of shears the magician cuts the rope in the center. To show that the rope is really cut he holds up the severed portions, one in each hand. With that, he ties the ends together, makes a mystic pass over the rope and it emerges restored. The spectators may tug on the ends to .prove that this is true. Mind you, the rope is never out of sight of the audience; is not exchanged; no rope within a rope principles.

It’s unearthly as every one knows who witnessed its performance in the hands of Mr. Cecil Lyle when he visited this country several years ago. We supply the exquisitely made apparatus and fill illustrated directions for performing.

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