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Appearing Cane (Metal) by Ron MacMillan

(c. 1975) (Submit Review) (Submit Update)

The Appearing Cane, originally created by Russ Walsh c. 1947, has become a classic magic prop, one that has been popular with magicians over the decades. These days it is harder to find a good quality cane that works consistently and doesn’t tear your hand up. This was the one I used for thirty years before it died about a decade ago. I have recently found an original Russ Walsh which opens very well but I am not so keen on the release mechanism.

Effect: A Cane that appears at your fingertips or a silk changes into a full size cane.

Sid Lorraine always has some great Rhymes and Patter for all kinds of magic and here is his little ditty for an Appearing Cane from Sid Lorraine’s Scrap Book:

(The cane should appear at the fingertips, on the last line)

A gentleman’s gentleman, Blair,
Whom I overheard, did declare:
That his master, Lord Mould,
Without a cane, would catch cold.
So I plucked one out of the air.

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